Just In: Trey Gowdy Prepared to Unleash Hell: Fusion GPS Caught Hiding 112 Bank Transactions and Records!

Kirsters Baish| It’s truly disheartening to know that the truth is somewhere out there in the world, but we are never told the truth. In the case of the phony Trump dossier that was made to ruin President Trump’s reputation, we were left in the dark completely. We now know that Trump had no ties to Russia involving the 2016 Presidential Election.

The fake dossier was just a small piece of one of the most publicized presidential races in our country’s history. It’s important to keep in mind that there was not much that Hillary Clinton wouldn’t have done in order to win the election against Donald Trump. Hillary felt that she was exempt from even being considered as someone who was in charge of her actions. Then there was Donald Trump who wouldn’t stand for being bothered with anything that upsets him. The level of contention was a given.

The investigative firm that was serving the Democratic Party, Fusion GPS, played a big part in the election drama. Fusion GPS is still at the center of the entire dossier scandal. Now, on the slight chance that administrators as well as staff from Fusion GPS didn’t do anything incorrectly like they claim, we are in need of some clarification. There is an issue of conduct when it comes to the company attempting to withhold bank records that were subpoenaed by the House. 112 transactions were also missing from what Fusion GPS released. Now, Congressman Trey Gowdy is coming out with arms swinging.

The Washington Times reported:

“Fusion and the House at first worked out a deal for relevant banks records. But House lawyers say they learned that Fusion withheld 112 transactions pertinent to the Russia probe.

“The suspect transactions, House lawyers say, deal with two Russia issues. One is the dossier. The other is Fusion’s payments from another law firm, BakerHostetler. That money came from the Russian firm Prevezon Holdings which is lobbying Washington to repeal a law that brought stiff economic sanctions on President Vladimir Putin’s regime.

“In that vein, the House committee wants copies of Fusion bank transfers with other law firms in addition to Perkins Coie and Hostetler.”

“‘Fusion has established a pattern and practice of using law firms as intermediaries to mask the true beneficiaries of its research,’ the House filing says.”

Fusion has had the goal of serving its Democratic recipients since the start, so they have formed a very confused entanglement of money transactions. Why are they rearranging money among law offices in order to hide records from the House subpoena? There has to be more to the story that we are not being told.

While Fusion GPS’s Democratic customers would lean a different way, a government judge has just opened up records that have shown us a little more about what was going on at the firm. A federal court opened sealed Fusion GPS bank records on Tuesday which have given us new information about the Russia-related payments that were made by Fusion involving the Trump dossier.

The records were unsealed by Judge Richard Leon, a Bush appointee. These records showed 112 transactions which all involved Fusion GPS. The law firm which represented the Clinton campaign as well as the DNC, Perkins Coie, paid Fusion GPS $1,024,408 between the dates of May 24, 2016 and December 28, 2016.

The documents that have been unsealed also show details of the House committee’s requests for records directly related to payments to journalists made by Fusion GPS. The committee was searching for records that related to five specific Fusion GPS payments made to a research and Russia expert as well as production of three other payments.

While justice may not be served as swiftly as we would like, you can bet that there will be some serious repercussions for the phony dossier and all of the corruption that went along with it. Things are not looking good for failed candidate Hillary Clinton or Fusion GPS. Trey Gowdy is about to bring the hammer down big time.

Should Congress Remove The Judge Who Blocked Trump’s Executive Order To Defund Sanctuary Cities?

US. District Court Judge William Orrick has done it again. Orrick has become a central figure in the Trump ‘resistance,’ having thwarted the president on three separate occasions with overreaching rulings that defy the executive branch. Many argue that Orrick has overstepped his bounds and gone too far. Others are calling for his impeachment.

First, Orrick and his fellow judges in the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals blocked President Trump’s lawful travel ban order. Now Orrick is going after Trump’s plan to defund sanctuary cities. On Monday Orrick “permanently blocked” President Trump’s executive order that would have stopped federal funding from flowing into sanctuary cities:

“’The Counties have demonstrated that the Executive Order has caused and will cause them constitutional injuries by violating the separation of powers doctrine and depriving them of their Tenth and Fifth Amendment rights,’ the judge wrote in his order.”

But the DOJ is fighting back:

“‘The District Court exceeded its authority today when it barred the President from instructing his cabinet members to enforce existing law,’ a Department of Justice spokesman said in a statement. “The Justice Department will vindicate the President’s lawful authority to direct the executive branch.”

And not only that but he has raised money for Barack Obama in the past, showing he is no impartial judge. He raised over $230,000 for the former president:

“Orrick was nominated to his position by hardline abortion supporter President Barack Obama. He was also a major donor to and bundler for President Obama’s presidential campaign. He raised at least $200,000 for Obama and donated $30,800 to committees supporting him, according to Public Citizen.”

A judge does not necessarily need to commit a crime in order to be impeached. Ballotpedia explains:

“The United States Senate has removed judges from office for substantial questionable conduct, even if no crime was committed. For example, Judge Robert Wodrow Archbald was impeached and removed from office for improper business relationships with litigants. One reason for this may be the life tenure bestowed upon federal judges and the Congress’ place in upholding the good behavior of judges.”

The last federal judge to be impeached was in 2010 when Bill Clinton appointee Thomas Porteous of the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana was impeached for bribery and perjury.

So is it time for Orrick to go?


Should Congress Remove The Judge Who Blocked Trump’s Executive Order To Defund Sanctuary Cities?

Hollywood Actor Bruce Willis: ‘Trump Is The Best US President Ever, Anyone Who Dislikes Him Should Move To…

Hollywood actor Bruce Willis once again expressed his unconditional support for President Donald Trump in a recent interview with Jimmy Fallon, although these days it’s very unusual for him to be supported by any Hollywood star. When Willis was asked about his opinion on Trump’s presidency so far he said: “I think that he’s doing great. In fact, he just might be the best US President ever.”
Fallon then asked him if he was serious about this statement because it would definitely sound like an exaggeration to many people. Willis responded:
“Yeah I’m being serious about this. Trump has always been a winner and to be honest I can’t think of a better man to lead America at this moment.”
Bruce Willis is one the few conservatives in Hollywood who are not afraid to express their support for President Trump.

He has always been a fan of Trump and everything that he represents – a successful businessman and a role model for every young American. Willis added: “Trump has a winning mentality and I believe that every American can identify with that. He is the guy that we need right now and I think that we should all settle our differences and support him.”
However Willis is bothered by the attitude of many American politicians and stars who spend their time criticizing Trump. He said: “Before every election so far there were debates and fighting between candidates. But, once we had a winner everybody just stood behind the elected President. Now we see that the fighting and conflict continue long after the 2016 election. I don’t like that. It doesn’t look good. If you don’t like him go to Canada or something.”
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The one nation that the US has always been able to rely on in the Middle East is Israel; with a long history of cooperation and support in the area, it has always been a focal point for division among those that are pro-Palestinian. And although recent developments with the US and Syria seem to be showing a more determined attitude in protecting pour allies, the Israelis themselves have decided to take matters into their own hands.
After ISIS began firing rockets directly into Israeli settlements, the Israeli military responded with a devastating mass bombing using armed drones. Whilst the ISIS casualty list only numbered one ISIS fighter dead, the message was heard loudly and clearly: Israel will not sit by as we are attacked.
Although claiming to support Israel, under the Obama administration, most pro-Israel votes in the UN were either voted against by America or abstained from;

this is not how we should be showing our support. And last year’s USAID budget showed that of the $51 Billion total foreign aid, whilst $3.5 Billion went to Israel to help wit defence, MORE than this went to nations that suround Israel to help fund their military.
Despite being called an “Ally”, the US has in fact been funding and creating tensions in the area to suit its own purposes. Perhaps with a new President at the helm, it may just be the starting point of a real relationship and support to end the attacks against the last Jewish stronghold left. So far, Trump has made very positive overtures towards Israel and has expressed public support openly; let’s see where it leads.
Israel is our closest ally in the Middle East, and they need our support, Patriots.
ISIS was caught firing rockets into Israeli settlements, so Israel responded with a massive bombing from an armed drone, killing at least one ISIS fighter. (via Ynet News).

Egypt was quick to declare a state of emergency after learning of the attack. Egypt should have been aware of these terrorist organizations hiding out in their country. Egypt has been too soft on terrorism.
Patriots, we should be grateful Israel is willing to take action. Finally, the world is starting to fight back against this vile organization rather than tolerate its violence. The left would have you believe that Israel is a violent nation, and that they should coexist with their neighbors. Only an irrational person could believe that ISIS and their sponsors could ever live in peace with the great nation of Israel.
Thankfully, we have a president who committed to rebuilding relations with Israel. We need to support Israel because they are the only reasonable nation in the Middle East. The Israelites are not murdering homosexuals or abusing women. They are simply trying to exist in peace.

For eight years, Obama has tried to force Israel to accept Palestine, despite Palestine’s aggressive and violent actions. Obama did not like Israel, and we know this because one of the very last executive actions he undertook before leaving office was to send this violent would-be nation $221 million dollars of our taxpayer money! (via AP).
It is important to remember that Palestine does not care for America or our great values. They want to take all of Israeli territory from our most important ally. The Palestinians have shown that they are more comfortable with violence than diplomacy, and for some reason, Obama favored the Palestinians over the Israelites.
Why was Obama so committed to anti-American policies? We can only speculate, but it is clear he did not care for us patriots. Thankfully, we now have a president committed to taking care of the American people. We have a president that is dedicated to making sure veterans are cared for.

It is reassuring to know that we have such a strong ally in the Middle East. We need to support them as they push back against terrorists and hostile nations, like Palestine and Iran. It is amazing that Israel has flourished in such a trouble region of the world.
President Trump has shown that he willing to work with Israel, and this is important. President Trump and President Netanyahu are great friends, and we have already started to rebuild a great relationship with an important ally.
It is important that we support President Trump, and it is important that we push back against liberal apologists. We cannot allow the left to influence international policy in the manner that Obama did. If we do that, then we will never make America great again.
The Democrats are furious that we have reestablished great relations with Israel. They are furious we support our allies rather than turn our backs on them. We need to make sure the left and their establishment friends do not torpedo our strong stance in the world.

LAPD Just Announced That 28 Big Name Celebrities Are Going Down for Hollywood Sex Crimes!

Kirsters Baish| Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck explained earlier in the week that he expects his department to officially open investigations into more accusations of sexual assault on top of the more than two dozen sexual misconduct cases against high profile Hollywood figures.

Currently, the LAPD has 28 different investigations open. All of which are tied to high profile Hollywood and media figures. One of these investigations is that of Harvey Weinstein. Many other big names including actor Ed Westwick, writer Murray Miller, as well as agent Tyler Grasham are being investigated as well. The LAPD is also dealing with 37 other sex crime reports which they have transferred to other agencies since some of the alleged crimes took place in different locations. Every single person accused has denied the allegations.

The LAPD has taken it upon themselves to establish five full-time teams with two experienced detectives on each in order to look into allegations of sexual misconduct in Hollywood. The teams also boast members of the cold-case unit as these detectives are professionals in dealing with archived criminal allegations which do not have physical evidence. These cases are compromised due to the fact that people tend to forget details of crimes after long periods of time.

Beck went on to explain that his department is completely set on looking at each allegation that has been made by anyone who has felt victimized by Hollywood elite.

The Los Angeles Times reported:

Wave of Hollywood sex assault claims sends LAPD into uncharted territory

The flood of sexual assault allegations coming out of the Hollywood entertainment industry has the Los Angeles Police Department negotiating uncharted territory.

Never before has the department received so many sexual assault allegations involving high-profile figures at one time, including many complex cases that are years old with multiple alleged victims, officials say.

The department has re-engineered its detective staff to deal with the influx. The LAPD has established five teams of two detectives to exclusively investigate allegations of sexual misconduct in Hollywood. The teams include members of the cold-case unit, because those detectives are experts in dealing with old criminal allegations that lack physical evidence.

Police in Beverly Hills are also looking into 12 allegations of sexual assault in Hollywood. LAPD Captain Billy Hayes oversees the Robbery/Homicide Division. He is also overseeing the task force. Hayes explained, “They know where to go. They know how to job people’s memories. We’ve gotten an unprecedented number of calls.”

There are two main categories of crimes which have been alleged. One of the two is criminal sexual assault, which boils down to a charge such as rape. The second is the lesser crime of lewd acts which could be something like unwanted touching or masturbation. Allegations of lewd acts are much more challenging due to the statute of limitations, which in California can be as little as one year. Rape has a statute of limitations of 10 years, however.

There has already been a triage strategy put into place by the LAPD. Chief Charlie Beck has required that the entire department conduct interviews as well as take extensive reports from any person who makes an allegation, no matter how old the claim. Detectives then work alongside the Los Angeles County district attorney’s brand new Hollywood sex crimes task force in order to figure out if the alleged crime has taken place within the statute of limitations. Then, they begin investigating the crimes further.

The Los Angeles Times also wrote:

Hayes estimated that in 95% of the cases, there is no physical evidence. That leaves detectives focusing heavily on witness accounts, which, given the circumstances of many intimate claims, are limited. So that leaves detectives looking for corroborating witnesses, including people whom the alleged victims told of the incidents when they happened.

Some of the alleged crimes occurred at hotels. So police have been going though reservation logs, employee schedules and video surveillance looking for clues and corroborating evidence, Hayes said.

Weinstein has been accused of rape and forcible oral copulation by an Italian actress in 2013 as well as lewd acts by a second woman in 2015. The 2013 allegation occurred within the statute of limitations for rape, but the alleged 2015 incident is believed to be out of statute.

Weinstein’s rape accuser was interviewed by detectives for 2.5 hours. They are now trying to verify the claims made by the actress. Sources who are familiar with the Weinstein case have explained that the woman told at least three people about the alleged encounter.

Legal experts have explained that even alleged crimes which are past the statute of limitations hold value.

A former Los Angeles County sex crimes prosecutor, Dmitry Gorin, has explained, “Under California law, a prosecutor can put on witnesses who can testify to a defendant’s propensity to commit the crime. Here we have many prominent actresses alleging similar acts. I believe a judge would let them testify if Weinstein is charged with a sexual assault.”

In Weinstein’s case, the LAPD is also working with police in Beverly Hills, London, and New York. All have open criminal cases involving Weinstein.

Gorin went on, “The victims in each investigation could testify in each others’ cases depending on the law in the jurisdiction. There could be an alleged victim in England who comes to L.A. to testify.”

There have not been any criminal charges brought against Weinstein as of yet.

In addition to Weinstein, the LAPD is looking into many other high profile allegations which include, but are not limited to:
“Actress Kristina Cohen’s accusation that “Gossip Girl” actor Westwick raped her at a West Los Angeles home while she was trying to sleep in a guest bedroom. He has denied any wrongdoing.
An allegation of sexual assault made against “Girls” writer Miller, who denies wrongdoing.
An allegation of unwanted groping made by “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” actor Terry Crews.
Both law enforcement sources and legal experts said building the cases is going to take time. Detectives will likely interview witnesses and alleged victims numerous times before bringing a case to prosecutors.”

It was announced earlier in the month by County District Attorney Jackie Lacey that she has assigned a group of veteran sex crimes prosecutors to work alongside one another in order to look at the cases and “ensure a uniform approach to the legal review and possible prosecution of any case that meets both the legal and factual standards for criminal prosecution.”

There have been some allegations that have been closed already.

It was reported to the LAPD by actor Corey Feldman that he was sexually abused by two different adults during the time he was a child in Hollywood. Police explained that the statute of limitations was already up so they could not pursue the case. This did not stop the LAPD from praising Feldman for coming forward and sharing his story.

The LAPD is well aware that the entire country is looking to them for answers. A lot of people’s lives have the potential to be ruined by these allegations. It’s time for the truth to come out and for those responsible for such heinous crimes be held accountable.

Iranian President Declares End Of Islamic State

The President of Iran Hassan Rouhani has declared the end of the so-called Islamic State live on TV today.

President Rouhani and a high-ranking official from the Iranian military made the announcement in a broadcast made live on state TV, according to the Daily Mail.

President Rouhani said:

Today with God’s guidance and the resistance of people in the region we can say that this evil has either been lifted from the head of the people or has been reduced.

Of course the remnants will continue but the foundation and roots have been destroyed.

Senior commander of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Major General Qassem Soleimani declared the end of ISIS after a series of successful military operations against the extremist group.

In recent weeks, Soleimani has led attacks in locations across the region to reduce IS influence in the area.

Soleimani has announced that the final territory in Syria held by IS, Albu Kamal, has been taken back under state control.

There has been a concerted effort across Syria, Iran and Iraq to diminish IS control over the area, including the Iraqi capture of the border town of Rawa, which apparently signalled the end of the caliphate which was ‘established’ in 2014.

IS is now expected to go underground and start using guerrilla tactics in its warfare, including more bombings.

In his speech, Rouhani accused the US and Israel for their complicit support of Islamic State, and criticised Arab nations for their silence over civilian deaths in the ongoing Yemen crisis.

He is expected to meet with the presidents of Russia and Turkey tomorrow to help expedite the peace process in Syria and beyond.

TEHRAN, IRAN – NOVEMBER 1, 2017: Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani (R) and Russia’s President Vladimir Putin at a news conference following trilateral talks with Azerbaijan’s President Ilham Aliyev. Mikhail Metzel/TASS

The meeting will be the first between the three nations in the wake of the turmoil in the region which has caused 330,000 deaths and left millions homeless.

A Russian political analyst told AFP:

The open-war phase in Syria will soon be over and the question of a political solution will become more pressing than before.

Russia, Iran and Turkey each have their own interest in Syria. It is clear that they also have disagreements. And they are meeting to try to smooth over these disagreements.

Despite the meeting, Turkey is officially on the opposing side of the Syria conflict to Iran and Russia, who support President Bashar al-Assad.

The Revolutionary Guards, who have been integral to the success of the prolonged conflict, were last month subjected to economic sanctions by the US Treasury under the instruction of President Donald Trump because they argue the Guards are attempting to destabilise the region.

The future of ISIS is less than certain. UNILAD spoke to Dr Rizwaan Sabir, a lecturer in criminology who specialises in counter-terrorism to get to the bottom of the matter.

[ISIS] aren’t defeated – and the reason why is that an armed militant group doesn’t require territory to operate.

The best case-study of that is al-Qaeda who spread throughout the world. ISIL holding territory in Iraq and Syria is actually an exception, there’s nothing in the rule book that says they need territory to operate.

I’ll speculatively say that they might engage in more armed activities… Whether five or 10 attacks occur depends entirely on geopolitical factors.

But what we do have to consider [is] that it might be more attractive for the group to attack places where they know the media will react.

We all know the attacks in Manchester and Westminster get coverage, but the attacks in the east don’t get mentioned in Western media.



POLL: Does Donald Trump Deserve To Be Named ‘Person Of The Year’?

The President-elect was declared the latest winner of the annual honor on Today, beating out finalists including Hillary Clinton, Beyonce and Vladmir Putin.

Do you feel that Donald Trump was the correct choice and deserved to win ‘Person of the Year’? Take our poll below!

SABOTAGE! After Latest Attack, Sarah Sanders Gives Media Quote They Did NOT Want To Print

As Press Secretary for Donald Trump, Sarah Sanders Huckabee has faced her fair share of media hostility. Lately, however, she’s “never been attacked more.” So she’s striking back in a hilarious way.
“I’ve never been attacked more, questioned more,” Sanders said during a panel held by George Washington University. I was called a liar by a major network in an official statement, I’ve been called outrageous things on air, and it goes unquestioned, no pushback.”

“I do think that there is a greater sense of hostility that I’ve seen in this administration than in previous, and I think that you see that reflected in the numbers, in the coverage,” said Sanders. “If you compare that to the first nine months of the Obama administration, it was 40-60, so for people to pretend like there isn’t a greater sense of hostility toward this administration, I think, would be to ignore real facts.”

This tirade against the press forced the Washington Post to fact-check the statement. Their findings were probably hard to swallow for the liberal paper. “93 percent of the coverage [of Trump] was negative and 7 percent positive,” They conceded. “Indeed, studies have shown overwhelmingly negative coverage of Trump in the mainstream media.”

This is a MASTERCLASS in media trolling. The media have to report on Sanders, so she’s using them to wage war against themselves.

Sarah Sanders knows exactly what she’s doing — and she’s doing it REALLY well.

She learned from the best, and now she is the best defender of the president.

Trump Woke Up At 3:13 AM, Got Online, And Dropped The Hammer With 6 Brutal Tweets

Another morning has started out quite turbulent for the Social Media followers of President Donald Trump, as the POTUS is going strong on another rampage in which he covered several topics and appears to be going back to his old strategy on Twitter from earlier this year, where he holds nothing back.

His first tweet consisted of highlighting the NFL’s disrespect for the national anthem, and pushing for tax reform, before he moved on to immigration not long after.

The commander­in­chief launched a 70­point plan this Monday, offering Democrats the opportunity to get DACA passed in exchange for a border wall as well as 69 other items designed specifically to lower the levels of immigration and enforce existing laws.The Democrats however as usual, denounced the offer, claiming they are willing to shut down the government in December.

He then switched to health care, sending out his third tweet and declaring that he is getting ready to sign an executive order.

And finally, his last tweet addressed the whole fiery situation with the temporary suspension of an African­American sports reporter, Jemele Hill, who called for NFL fans to boycott the advertisers which support the Dallas Cowboys, after their team owner told his players to stand for the national anthem or sit on the bench.

The comments caused many reactions, but they were necessary in order to clarify some things that not many people want to face.

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Navy SEALs Just Send Powerful Message to Trump, Leaving Obama Livid

Barack Obama can’t help but be overly humiliated all the time.

If he wanted to avoid that happening to him constantly, he should’ve thought about our brave soldiers more.

Only that way he would’ve gained their trust and love.

With only couple of months being seated in the Oval Office, President Trump is already one of the most loyalty and love stimulating commanders-in-chief ever.

That was shown once again when a SEAL convoy was seen driving on a highway in Kentucky waving a TRUMP FLAG and chanting his name.

Incredible! The brave American soldiers never went ahead and did such a thing for the traitor Obama.

Another US military man noted on Twitter: “A truck of Navy SEALS flying Trump flag is not ‘news.’ Nearly all operators–Seals, Green Berets, Force Recon–are Republican & LOVE Trump.

These are facts! A well documented expressions of love for our leader! How could liberals deny this? They CAN’T! It is time for them to face the facts that clearly show that Trump is far more appreciated than Obama.

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Actress Jennifer Aniston To Oprah Winfrey: “You Are Right I’m Actress But You Hosting TV Show And Your Place Is Not In Politic Too, So Do Your Job Because No One Votes For You, You Hate White People And America Is Country of White People.” Do You Support Her?

Actress Jennifer Aniston To Oprah Winfrey: “You Are Right I’m Actress But You Hosting TV Show And Your Place Is Not In Politic Too, So Do Your Job Because No One Votes For You, You Hate White People And America Is Country of White People.” Do You Support Her?