We Caught Her! She’s Been Indicted On 24 Counts Of Fraud From Her ‘Charitable Foundation’

As Democrats advocate for the poor, and the average working class Americans, their only goal is to accomplish their personal gains and fill their own pockets with money.

Yet again, that has been proven as we see which policies and laws they are supporting. Unfortunately most of the time those are laws that hurt the people they claim to protect.

We’ve witnessed Democrats get away with a lot of crimes over the years. For instance DNC chairwoman Wasserman-Schulz betraying her own party to help Hillary Clinton. And Donna Brazile, another DNC head, passing along debate questions.

Not to mention Hillary, who has always been the mastermind behind everything. She broke the law to use a private email server to conceal the fact that she was taking bribe from outsiders, in exchange for her favorable decisions when she had the position of a Secretary of State.

And recently, we’ve learnt about yet another prominent Democrat who has been caught red handed.

Prosecutors finished their closing arguments in the tax evasion and fraud trial of former Democratic Rep. Corrine Brown (Fla.).

As overwhelming evidence showed, Brown made use of her “charitable organization” for her personal illegal benefits.

As a result of her actions, a lot of children in need were left without their deserved scholarships, the prosecution revealed.

One of the prosecutors on the case, Eric G. Olshan said during the closing argument : “The real victims are all of those worthy kids who could have gotten scholarships, who needed a leg up. That’s who she robbed from, those kids.”

Rather than raising the money for student scholarships, Brown and her so-called charity misused the funds for other purposes.

Just $1,200 out of the $800,000 raised, ended up helping the students.

And the rest, or at least $200,000 of it was spent on NFL tickets, luxury vacations, plane tickets, car repairs, and lavish events, according to My Right America.

The Clintons have used their “Foundation” to funnel money into their pockets for years. Still, they never received their punishment for it.

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Featured Image Source H/T: UConserative