Mark Levin Just Pulled Back the Curtain on Robert Mueller — Reveals One Thing the Mainstream Media Refuses to Cover!

Constitutional attorney and radio host Mark Levin knows a thing or two about politics, folks! When the former Reagan staffer speaks his mind, people stop what they are doing and listen up.

Well, Mr. Levin appeared on Sean Hannity on Monday and dropped a bombshell about the head witch hunter himself, Robert Mueller.

Levin said the “praetorian guard media” is intentionally ignoring the weaponization of the Justice Department under former traitor-in-chief Barack Obama and the criminal mishandling of classified information by “Crooked” Hillary Clinton.

“The biggest scandal of our lifetimes is staring at us in the face,” Levin said, laying into the DOJ for focusing on what amounts to a massive waste of time and taxpayer funds.

“[Robert Mueller] is investigating everything but collusion. Where’s you’re case, Mr. Prosecutor?” Levin asked.

Referring to the infamous dossier compiled by an British ex-spy as “35 pages of crap,” Levin noted the media has done everything within their power to discredit President Trump.

Levin noted that Illinois Senator “Dicky” Durbin is a “known liar,” but that the press believes him when he said Trump called third world countries “shitholes.”

Check it out, per Mediaite:

At the end of a discussion on conservative’s belief that there is anti-Trump bias at the FBI and DOJ and how it’s negatively impacting the Russia probe, conservative radio host Mark Levin decided to lash out at the media for not covering what he believed are the real stories regarding the investigation.

“As for the media in this country, we have a free press. That’s fine. We also have a stupid press. A very liberal press. A partisan press. When I watch this guy, Brian Stelter, who I really — this Don Lemon or over there, the Morning Schmo and Mrs. Schmo over there on MSNBC, you call that press? I call that a joke!”

Mark Levin is 100% correct. We have a political witch hunt that hasn’t turned up a shred of evidence against the president after all this time… And a liberal media just co-signing it like there’s no tomorrow!

Here’s the video of Mr. Levin taking Robert Mueller to task: